Tessa Parker

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Tessa Parker
This wasn't planned, she just photographs that well.

March 18, 1993
Other namesred_lady_fashion
OccupationFashion Influencer

Tessa Parker (born March 18, 1993) is a Meta-Human thief from Earth-0, she's not one for codenames and always seems to be the lucky one.


Openly confident, optimistic, and outgoing, Tessa is in fact a rather jaded individual thanks to her power. As someone who naturally seeks out challenges in life, Tessa has a complex over how her power trivialises much of what she finds entertaining, which in turn fuels her thieving activities.


Tessa was enjoying a nice relaxing time in a casino when she was approached by a mysterious stranger who gave her an old coin in payment for help a job. Working as part of the heist team, she broke into St Jude's and helped free Valeria Di Giovanna. Not interested in any further jobs at that time, she left to go her own way[1].

Powers & Abilities

  • Luck: Tessa's Meta-Gene makes her naturally lucky, although this is outside of her control. This natural luck cannot bend the rules of reality or change the nature of things, and is instead a form of probability manipulation, making beneficial outcomes for Tessa more likely than they were before, for example, a camera becomes much more likely to fail if it were to try and capture her likeness in a scenario that she wouldn't want, or a bet with poor odds would become more likely, but a camera incapable of failing would not fail, and an impossible bet would remain impossible (e.g. a bet on a horse physically incapable of completing a race winning said race)
  • Thievery: Tessa is an experienced thief who has yet to be caught, granting her skill in a wide variety of areas that are useful for her, including (but not limited to):
    • Disguises: Tessa is knowledgeable in the areas of costuming and cosmetics, a skill she uses both to hide her identity and help her with running her civilian identity as a fashion influencer.
    • Lockpicking: Tessa is a master lockpicker.


  • Tessa is from Nevada
    • In particular she is from Vegas.
  • Tessa's hair is naturally red, the white parts are dyed.
  • Tessa needs glasses.
  • Tessa runs a somewhat successful MuTube fashion channel.


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